Ask yourself these ten questions before starting your business or business philosophy




you don’t know if it’s feasible when you have an idea or a business idea. This time there are ten questions that allow you to evaluate your business or business philosophy. You need to ask yourself these ten questions at the beginning of the business:

1 who is my target audience?

if you have an idea for a new business, to seize the customer to verify whether the real pain points? Here is a simple way: ask yourself, if you can use a few sentences to describe: what is your company to solve the pain point? Why do people need to care about this matter at the same time? And whether you can use this simple explanation to one of your potential customers to buy your


think of some of the most successful companies in the world, the ones that have been rated by us. You may soon be able to tell what these companies are doing, which is often the pain of their customers. If you can’t explain the pain you’re suffering from a customer, is the fact that it could be fatal, but it could just mean that your business idea is not yet fully formed?. Many of the best entrepreneurs through countless iterations to update their products to know the best use.

2 what is the competitiveness of our products

what is the competitive power of my product? In fact, this is the first thing that all entrepreneurs need to consider before they start a business. The core competitiveness of the product determines the direction of product promotion, determines the market positioning of the product promotion, so the core competitiveness of the products in the commercial planning is particularly important. Specific analysis of specific issues, this sentence is indeed very reasonable. Refining the core competitiveness of the product really depends on the specific product form and market competition and other aspects of the situation.

3 how to explain ideas to others?

let your thoughts become visible. This means that you need a product prototype or a business plan to show people what you think, your business logic and profit model.

4 what does my team need?

everyone of his own motives, as entrepreneurs must understand each person, as long as everyone can find the motivation to find resonance, to struggle together, also can put a person to the right position. While some people to achieve a high degree of strategy, ideology, the pace of reunification, a clear division of labor, clear responsibilities, their duties, each of their government, and unified management, unified supervision, unified execution. If the core can not reach a high degree of unity, the following team building and organizational structure design, there are risks and risks, or that are not perfect. These people how to achieve a unified, simple fact is, is communication, communication, communication! Through communication, reach the same idea, as much as possible, so that we become a real Chi >

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