T entrepreneurs must not ambitious to down to earth


look up to the starry sky, down to earth, this is our dear premier Wen wrote a passage, intended to tell us to be down-to-earth. The reason is very simple, put on the business of IT who also apply. Are you ready to start the business, whether or not to make their own down-to-earth?


down to earth, is to analyze the current strengths and weaknesses

this is a gathering of the era of IT industry, you compete for me seems to be insufficient to describe the competition in this field. Choose this industry because of its business opportunities because of its potential. But this is not the reason to become your business in the field of IT, you can’t know just because it can bring you great benefits regardless of everything else blindly start, this ambitious approach will only make you closer to failure, not success. We can understand entrepreneurs are willing to choose a very substantial gains in the industry to fight, but the premise is that you must have a deep and thorough study of the industry.

as the saying goes "three hundred and sixty, adventure.has", you will finally become the industry champion or a defeated people, also depends on your own business and not serious. Before the start of the preparatory work is also very important, you have to chew on the news from the industry, the latest or the same. Followed by the history of the development of this industry, which is directly related to the development trend of your IT is expected, only in this way you will not blindly follow other companies without their own characteristics. Again, you need to have a preliminary understanding and the understanding of the industry elite, because you can’t rely on myself to support a company, talent selection is related to the development of your company is big, sloppy. Before the start of get ready for these, can let you have a good start. It also confirms the old saying that "a good beginning is half the battle."".

down to earth, is to analyze their strengths and weaknesses

this society is not lack of people, but only lack of talent. What is talent, aside from their strong professional skills do not speak, more importantly, they know their own advantages to expand, while covering up their shortcomings. Entrepreneurship is not a can be used to joke about it, we are not allowed to let down. Put you in this rapidly changing IT industry, you may be insignificant, but you know that not only you, thousands of people like you. Before you are ready to start a business, first deep analysis of yourself, ask yourself, what you are good at, what you are less than others. Want to understand this, you can spend their confusion.

each company has its own advantages, like different universities have different popular professional, you want to develop is what you are good at. You may not be able to commit yourself to a hundred percent of the energy you are not good at. But you are good at it

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