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you only live once; have rules and abide by them; you believe in the power of faith".

Wang Lijie

from PreAngel, every year I will go to the United States one or two times, mainly in the Silicon Valley (Bay Area) to meet local friends, they are all kinds of organizations VC, entrepreneurs, Standford and Berkeley’s student entrepreneurship organization responsible, responsible for the field of wireless technology, I have been trying to gradually understand the the world high tech listed companies in the most intensive areas, actually has a special kind of, what we can learn from, let us return to the country can also appear out of the ordinary; at the same time, we also want to know that the "hillbilly", there is no chance in the world the smartest people in densely populated areas, to find their own foothold, the future can invest in several like Google, Facebook as great as

company?The more

comes, the deeper the feeling, although it is only the fur, the feelings of Silicon Valley has brought me very deep, and share with you:

1, You Live Once – you only live once


PreAngel American investment partner called Boyd, is a native of San Francisco, he speaks fluent Chinese, he told me that recently popular Bay area YOLO this statement, You Only Live Once is the whole meaning, literal meaning is very simple, but profound. If we begin to think highly of the phrase from the day we have the ability to think independently, it is possible that each of us will have a different today. Today, most of the people in China’s economy, in fact, are living for others, for their parents, for their children, for their friends. Sometimes, you seem to choose your life, but you live in someone else for your image, if you are today in your life are not satisfied with the state, the 80% is that you don’t live for yourself! You actually put yourself, is the greatest contribution to society, because everyone is only, have different abilities and preferences, if the whole society to follow your heart and live, we will have the same job every people do, and do better


this sentence although recently popular, but it is a common ideology of the bay area to summarize, that is to say, many American school children have done so, at least more than our domestic children earlier aware of the "live" for their own reason. And the entire community of this ideology give support, such as Chinese most can not parents understand the school of business, such as giving up a good salary and a backpack travel, such as with their own "not suitable" people get married, I like to do a "bitter" artist in a shabby apartment, there are so many girls choose to do a single mother…… When a person chooses to live for himself, TA tends to be more persistent, or

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