Who will decide SP out


Monternet in their own development process has also encountered many problems, especially in the early development of SP network by some Monternet consumers is not mature and the management oversight, construction of charge traps caused harm to consumers’ rights and interests. China Mobile first began operations in many telecom operators, in 2004 through a series of measures to stop the "Monternet" small SP illegal wind, and SP to build the Monternet self-discipline mechanism. Recently, China Mobile has introduced "Monternet SP credit management measures". The new management approach to industry experts put forward the "credit management" problem, not only more actively promote SP integrity management, but also gives more power to the Monternet consumer, customer complaints become an important indicator to decide whether or not the illegal SP out.

Monternet is a general term for mobile data services to provide customers with China Mobile, it is like a magician quietly and quickly penetrate into people’s life, work and business, especially has a great impact on the mobile Internet, the Internet, people’s life and business layout.

was born less than five years has been the focus of attention: Monternet will China Internet from winter into spring; Monternet open the telecommunications industry to create a new door of cooperation and win-win business model; Monternet mobile phone as a communication tool will overthrow the idea, in just a few years quietly changed people’s life……

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