Software download station profit model analysis summary


the village village for a long time do software download station, today with everyone together to discuss the software download site profit model, currently do download station is more, several common profit model usually has the following kinds:

, a POP advertising for the station is quite a good choice of garbage has the advantages of direct download, through traffic to make money, shortcoming is the user experience and to download and install, do regular download station does not recommend the use of pop.

two, then download the download Thunder, special chain, general per thousand to download and install the 4-5 yuan, this method is a good choice to make money before the station at present due to domestic users to download, thunder software high installation coverage and express software user experience is not ideal, so money is now download special chain not too easy.

three, a lot of advertising alliance with all kinds of CPA software such as ZCOM, UUSEE, advertising, Pippi film, many download sites are used in this method is deception test link method more, software download page put a lot of CPA software or plug-in installation links to confuse users to download and install this. Methods the truth some immoral oh.

four, put the plug-in installed capacity and CPA software are similar but also very different, because now many plug-ins are installed some things not to be divulged to computer users, or modify the browser settings, change the search account, traffic hijacking, dark Ming bomb, bomb, and even remote hacking, Trojans and so on, many plugins are antivirus and safety monitoring software, may be reported to poison at any time, not recommended to make money and even despise this selfish


five, regular download station do a relatively large scale you can also contact the monthly advertising business.

six, join the and other software mall alliance to sell software services is also the direction of the software download station profit.

seven, GG, Baidu and other content advertising and display, click advertising alliance.

eight, if you download station search little weight and flow, the PR value more than 4 suggestions to try to make money selling links.

above is my way to make a summary of the software download station to make money, you are always welcome to discuss the exchange station to download the topic of profit and exchange links. The village ( the original QQ46829220, please indicate.

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