ndia startup quick match the two day creative products



common business plan for technology companies do not mean, because the product every 6 months replacement.

in India, like In 50 hrs, Startup Weekend technology competition is becoming entrepreneurs to share ideas, create new projects, looking for an important platform for investors. Some games require entrepreneurs must be in just two days will become creative products, so it is called "startup crash course".

creative commercial shortcut

these contests to the United States similar entrepreneurial activities as a template to attract a large number of young engineers to participate in a short period of more than and 10 years gave birth to a new venture. Under the guidance of experts, such projects are being entrepreneurial accelerator, investors and incubators sought after, and gradually grow into a new technology companies.

in India port city of Mangalore, a young engineer team as an example, Jia Izmir · Bardot · (Jazeel Badur Ferry), Philip Mohammed Saud · · Bukh (Mohammed Saud Bakhar), · Nazimu; Shane (Nazim Zeeshan) is for the three members in the BPO, but at the same time in the search for better development opportunities. In June last year, three people accidentally took part in a business competition, in less than 50 hours will become a creative technology product prototype.

in this game, they developed a product called Eventifier, this product can be integrated on the Internet photos, video and conversation together. Currently there are 20 European and American manufacturers to become Eventifier customers. The company also received the Startup Centre Chennai venture accelerator The favor, obtained the seed round of investment.

for technology entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship contest has become a shortcut to their ideas to the market. Software developer Progress Software vice president of product Ramesh · Lange (Ramesh Loganathan); he is one of the mentor Startup Weekend activities. He pointed out that the participants of these activities are mostly about 25 years old, they think in their own entrepreneurial projects on two years of effort, even if the final failure, it will be harvested.

India science and technology entrepreneurship contest, starting from Friday, participants must submit their best ideas to encourage others to join their team. On Saturday and Sunday, two days, each team will strive to develop customers, test the attractiveness of creativity. On Sunday night, they have to demonstrate the prototype, so that the expert group to give advice. He said: "many Lange startups in activities.

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