Gold Wangzhuan station children can’t set the wolf


server for this thing, quite emotional, so it can be said that a large part of the domestic independent blog disappeared, because the server problem. A lot of new friends, want to be bigger, but also save the money. In fact, when you choose to buy 1,2 hundred dollars of the host, it determines the fate of your site.

may have some new friends will make a counter argument to say, to do a big job, I will not change the host? Basically when you choose the type of host, you do not have big hope. Nothing else, for a year, two times as long as there is a crash, it is enough to choke you. Optimization of the ranking and finally fell down, has saved a few loyal visitors, all of a sudden not half. Moreover, the site can not keep up with the speed of access, a host of N users, the peak of the dead card dead. Speed problem not only limits the user’s visit, and now the site speed is also associated with the ranking.

yuan of the host, the host is not good, at least I have never seen. As a dialect, but also large and cheap there, so good. A simple blog just for fun, buy a 1,2 per host, is enough, occasionally a crash, it wouldn’t hurt at all, because we will be pure when blog diary to write, and do not care about the ranking, flow etc.. But if you want to build the site as a means of profit, then buy a 1,2 hundred dollars of the host, it is better not to buy, it is better not to build this station. You do not have this big base station, and what profit.

slightly better hosts have to 5,6 hundred dollars, which can ensure that a server on the user does not exceed 30. On the contrary, if a server on the user more than 30 words, and there are more than a forum, then the estimated stability of the visit will be a discount, and access speed is also slow N.

this way, to give you a reference, not necessarily accurate, because the price is not the same as each host, some earn some earn less, some technology is relatively strong, and some professional level is not enough. I only take the price as the standard, to give you a reference:

rely on to do stand earnings, you can not buy less than 500 yuan of the host. 1,2 100% of the host is only suitable for personal blog. Because the server prices are on the ridge, the general will be tens of thousands, less than 10 thousand of the following is not only a short life, and hang up the 1,2 site up to ten, it will not play. So, choose to buy tens of thousands of hosts IDC business is still more, so it will be cheaper than the purchase of the following 10 thousand server. They will have to take this for profit, cost sharing must be in place, 1,2 users can not share it, then 5,6 ten users can always be right. I put forward to 500 yuan for the reserve price, but also to let everyone in the hearts of a little bit, so that we can not be clear that there is a cheap and high performance of the host. Do not represent the purchase of more than 500 yuan of the host, it must be good, can only let you have such a consciousness, to buy a 1,2 host is not a hundred

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