Under the financial storm struggle to find the most unlucky investors share Finance


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"08 years of my worst stock" shaike prize contest officially launched

08 years not a doomed ordinary year, South snowstorm, Tibet incident, Wenchuan earthquake, iron glue events, unpleasant things repeatedly staged in China, the unprecedented success of Olympic Games in Beijing. The stock market is also raging like a storm of ups and downs, surge high and sweep forward. When I bought the highest point, the lowest point I left, I earned my lost, always be inopportune or inappropriate lose money thing, let me touch, I lost my savings, lost public funds, I lost, I lost a wife, I lost the house, I lost the car, I lost a career….. Who dares to be worse than me?!!!

in the end who is the worst of the 08 stocks, tell your story, show your loss of earnings (screenshot), so that the majority of users who are the most miserable comments, the most worthy of sympathy. Therefore, the giant financial return for the love and support of all investors, financial giants (JR18) with several top media portal and jointly launched the "08 years of my worst stocks contest", then, we welcome you to actively participate, do not miss. "Show your loss, pour out your story", we warmly look forward to your participation, let you become a microcosm of the story of 08 years of the stock market, a symbol, let more people understand the risks of the stock market, the financial giant hurry to participate in "08 years of my worst stock" shaike contest


concern giant Finance (jr18), every day new harvest! Please visit the official website: http://s.bbs.jr18.com

awards set

Award for the year award 5000 yuan in cash

Award for best monthly Award 2000 yuan in cash

at the same time for the support of Internet users to vote, in the course of the event set up a lottery link, beautiful gifts waiting for you, hurry to participate in it!!!

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