Ontract a real time analysis platform for Education Mint com in the field of Education


JulianMiller has taught in high school for 4 years, and many teachers, he is very concerned about the results of the study of students, hoping to help them achieve good results. Unfortunately, today’s educational software and systems cannot do this easily. He said that teachers in order to track the progress of the students, they have to use a variety of 6-8 software, in order to monitor students and classes 360 degrees.

was so tired of his work that he left his post as a teacher. However, the problem has been bothering him, so he began to discuss the use of teaching software and other teachers feel. He soon found that many teachers have the same problem with him.

many educators believe that the separation of educational software, and the opacity of student data, are seriously affect the entire education system. In fact, 46% of educators leave their jobs after less than 5 years of work, and the resulting waste is close to $7 million a year.

so Miller became a developer, began to develop Ontract, he said: "if the software, I will not resign." This week, Miller and co-founder MattDuch, officially launched the beta version of Ontract, which is a real-time analysis platform for kindergarten to high school services, it can be said that the education industry Mint.com.



FERPA platform will be able to comply with the education system of various separation connected together, such as student information systems and learning management system, it can collect and analyze the data of students, students learning dynamic help educators better, and the platform is simple, low cost.

Ontract report through a special design, can provide users with a quick, clear student report, the user can view the student’s personal data, but also to view the group data. Teachers can use this report, you can also add more charts, information and other content, so that this report is easier to understand.

As for the

software to work, when the school is registered with Ontract, the company will connect core learning system of the school, and school teachers can be this software to connect to your own personal education tools. When the students have learning problems and errors, the software will make recommendations and suggestions to teachers.


‘s personal learning engine can provide a list of resources to help teachers, teachers can also be sent to the parents of the problem and the list in the form of e-mail. In terms of parents, they are able to access this information in real time and help them to help their children with learning difficulties

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