Yiqifa recommend on line registration activities against price


Yiqifa recommend: billion to registration price on line


Hello everyone!

to launch joint Yiqifa billion billion to the registration activities, a website now recommend the registration send 10 yuan in cash. You are welcome to apply enthusiastically, actively put


a, activity details:

1, each recommend an effective website registration and publish billion advertising on the 10 yuan commission.

2, the recommendation of the site must be a domain name (such as www.XXX.com), blog and self-service site is not within the scope of this award.

3, website registered prior to three months, Alexa March average ranking of less than 5 million.

4, the website is recommended to be released billion advertising code, and through billion audit.

5, you recommend the site to have registered billions of dollars and activation, it is recommended that invalid.

two, activity time:

does not limit the end time.

three, activity participation:

1, registered Yiqifa (www.eqifa.com) members, apply for registration CPA activities against.

2, the definition of the activities of the recommended link settings:


http://s.www.yigao.com/eqifacookieinterface.jsp? A_id=1131& e1=& b_id=25916& rd=30& rd_type=D& url=http://s.www.yigao.com/userRegEdit.do

the number 25916 you need to change the number on the eqifa website (Yiqifa login, can be found in the user management – website management).

http://s.www.yigao.com/userRegEdit.do this link can be replaced by a hundred million you think it can be more attractive pages, such as 7 yuan active page.

four, 100 million event promotion and the site:

At the end of 1,

million to three fire: send 20 yuan registered


http://s.forum.yigao.com/viewthread.php? Tid=921& extra=page%3D1

2, 100 million at the end of the year three of the fire of the two: register to send a laptop, as well as more prizes!


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