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July 22nd, A shares of Shandong Xingmin wheel Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "Xingmin wheel") announcement, Xingmin wheel ho throw 2 billion 825 million, open the "shopping spree" mode in the new board, a purchase of 3 new board listed company.


CITIC Securities before the Hu Yali team, said: A share market pricing may be the three new board bottom area. The "big shopping spree", Xingmin wheel means the acquisition of three new board at the end of the official arrival. Of course, you need to remind the reader to remind you that, although the current has reached the end of mergers and acquisitions, but the market is still on the left side, behind the two bottom, but you can spend more time to find a good company. The time to pull the trigger should not be too far away.

, a 2 billion 800 million "shopping spree", the shot is very generous

July 22nd, Xingmin wheel announcement, said the major asset restructuring of Beijing intends to buy 100% stake in the Polytron Technologies Inc, much special Shenzhen Careland 100% stake in the Polytron Technologies Inc, Hangzhou aoteng electronic 56.34% stake in the Limited by Share Ltd and Limited by Share Ltd have spatial information technology is not less than 10% stake.

The four companies

, Careland, Altium electronic and special technology is far three new board listed company.

"nouveau riche shot very generous to the market value of 1 billion 91 million, Kay reported a 1 billion 600 million of the purchase price, to the far special science and technology 676 million, at the end of 2015 the net assets of only 64 million 752 thousand and 400 yuan aoteng electronic, Xingmin wheel would cost 550 million yuan to its 56.34% stake.


Xingmin wheel "new three, involving an amount of up to 2 billion 825 million yuan. Three acquisitions, using Xingmin wheel cash plus equity way. Among them, far special technology and electronics is a 50% stake in Altium plus 50% in cash, and the transaction price is higher also to pay 60% Careland equity, cash payment 40%.

read the monarch for you to list the specific circumstances of these four and was acquired:

1, Kay

map navigation and car networking is the most popular Kay Rucker, the deal on new board. As a new board and make a market capitalization of over 1 billion of the company, Kelid is also a small celebrity in the circle.

to take the overall Careland Xingmin wheel acquisitions, spend 1 billion 600 million, 640 million yuan in cash to pay 960 million yuan shares.

2017 -2019 Kay from the representative leading and management company Xingmin wheel, and former chairman Zhang Wenxing to assist management representative company, without undue turnover. This is in sharp contrast to the other executives, Xingmin wheel is to leave immediately.

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