Entrepreneurs who do not have to run to the umbrella



CEO Ma once said: for all entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs always tell yourself a sentence: from the start of the first day, every day you have to face the difficulties and failures, rather than success. I have the most difficult time has not arrived, but one day will certainly arrive.

in the public venture, the highly innovative slogan, people’s entrepreneurial passion increased sharply, but the same, more entrepreneurs will have more competitive, as mentioned above, from the start of the first day, you must do this giant consciousness, the day is to face the difficulties and failures, rather than success.

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Li Kaifu once said, "I know that some entrepreneurs do not understand, I want to tell them that if entrepreneurs cannot avoid the following ten kinds of error prone, and investors that they must be very difficult for more than 10 minutes of dialogue."

1 luck mentality

2 brains think ideas

3 think the problem has no depth

4 stacked business model

5 pseudo demand

6 paranoid

7 underestimated difficulty

8 mysterious

9 dishonest

10 no focus

early entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs first consider the question is how to make the enterprise survive, seek truth from facts to determine the goal of enterprise development, step by step to achieve the goal. Holding a lucky state of mind is absolutely not feasible, and the goal is too ambitious, will make themselves very impetuous, too scattered energy, but can not focus on doing things right.

Three Stooges top of Zhu Geliang, Jobs is not a person on their own play Apple Corp. Therefore, it is important to select a good teammate, must have the same values, recognition of their own projects, and can complement the lack of projects. If you have these, it proves that you are a step closer to success.

now you have much effort, you will have the future of the capital can not be eliminated by the development of society. We are not afraid of failure, just learn to continue

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