But profit of difficult reflecting the guest behind Betta TV broadcast platform are outlet


is for shareholders to sell off the exposure reflect the financial situation, I am afraid it is difficult to see outside broadcast platform, the depth of the water.


the air behind the fire broadcast platform: profit of difficult

times weekly special correspondent Lu Yifu from Guangzhou

September 21st, reflecting the live broadcast of the A shares of Listed Companies in Kunlun World Wide Web (300418) announcement, the company intends to sell off the customer’s equity of 3%, priced at $210 million, then the disk side of the letter capital. According to the transaction price, the valuation of the customer has reached 7 billion yuan.

however, the announcement also shows that in 2015 total revenue of 30 million 483 thousand and 600 yuan, net profit of $1 million 672 thousand and 800. Although this year’s net profit is not as good as the north of a mansion, but the customer is already reflected in one of the few platforms to achieve profitability. At present there are more than 200 live software fighting in the Red Sea market back the tide, can swim ashore the survivors will be very few.

in fact, the problem of profitability has been accompanied by the development of the direct broadcast industry, relying solely on the business model is divided into a single reward, it is difficult to offset the cost of bandwidth and contracted live. However, reflecting the guests start, but there is no shortage of money to live on the industry chain link, net red, brokers and provide bandwidth business as platform company, have become the biggest beneficiaries of the bubble live.


and O2O projects are similar, broadcast industry is also moving in the direction of development for market share to burn money, broadcast platform signed star anchor, and high input bandwidth costs, making up the largest outlet for capital in 2016. Air, broadcast platform chaos, in addition to anchor quality uneven in quality data fraud, the phenomenon is very serious. After a room to watch the number of fish was more than 1 billion 300 million people, and reflecting off the "black screen" event in the prosperity of this industry built on a solid basis.

investors and entrepreneurs seems to have become one of the two grasshopper ropes. Anonymity of institutional investors to the weekly Times reporter said, in the fierce market competition, many investors will be allowed to broadcast platform to exaggerate the real data, but the premise is that not too far from the actual situation. For investors, the broadcast platform can be exaggerated valuation and the number of active users, but this does not affect our investment and income."

passengers only one million yuan a year profit

coincided with the capital of the transport platform for the transfer of live broadcast passengers, was sold by shareholders cash. The day before, reflecting off the hands of Kunlun wanwei announced shareholder holds 3% stake, smooth cash of about 200 million yuan.

in January 4th this year, the Kunlun World Wide Web to reflect off the main operating body of Beijing, honey dock Network Technology Co., Ltd. invested 68 million yuan, a stake of $18%. Subsequently, the Kunlun World Wide Web will reflect all the options

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