New business venture broke open tuyere private space will reproduce the nternet as entrepreneurial


recently, the U.S. private space has made significant progress, Amazon founder Bezos PayPal, founder of Tesla and Mask, were successfully recovered or repeated commercial rocket launch, which will greatly reduce the cost of space launch and space exploration, is considered to promote space exploration under a revolution.


at a recent conference on space exploration, blue origin company founder Bezos said, private space has made significant progress, will lay an important "rocket" infrastructure, and many entrepreneurs bring a similar twenty years ago, the Internet business boom, the future will emerge more a company like SpaceX.

According to

GeekWire and a number of U.S. technology news website reported recently, Bezos attended in Colorado springs, the nation’s thirty-second annual space forum. He was in an interview with the media, the current innovation in the field of space and the year of the Internet and e-commerce revolution were compared and forecast.

Bezos founded the Amazon website to become the world’s largest e-commerce service providers, and in the world caused a boom in e-commerce. However, in the media view, the initiator of the e-commerce revolution, is another huge change in the private space sector.

Bezos said he hoped that the private sector in the field of space during the explosive growth of the Internet revolution, as well as the vitality of the industry and highly popular entrepreneurial spirit.

Bezos analyzed the reasons for the emergence of the Internet e-commerce revolution, that is, there have been significant progress in some infrastructure, some obstacles are eliminated. He pointed out that, at that time, the United States long-distance and local telephone network to the Internet has been paved, laid the foundation of the physical network, also in the field of electronic commerce, FedEx and United States postal service has been able to provide a package delivery service, in addition to the credit card industry is also able to support remote payment.

Bezos said that only the emergence of a number of major drivers, can lead to the emergence of an industrial revolution, there will be thousands of entrepreneurs to join them. In the field of private space, such a major push has not appeared, leading to industrial entrepreneurship atmosphere is not strong.

Bezos said that the main factor hindering the development of private space is the cost of space launch is too high, due to the high cost, only some of the most important applications can be achieved in space.

he said that his company, blue origin company, the most important mission is to establish a private space launch market infrastructure, let people into space at lower cost, so thousands of entrepreneurs will be able to make a shocking innovation, human space exploration to advance to the next era.

at present, blue origin and musk SpaceX, are invariably accomplish this goal. Just a few days ago, SpaceX successfully launched a hunt on the offshore platform

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