The top 360 executives leaving Shen Haiyin entrepreneurship has been regarded as Jinshan general


Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on July 16th

in the first 360 vice president Li Tao founded the desktop application APUS great success, another one of the top 360 executives to join the entrepreneurial wave.

Tencent science and technology learned today, 360 is responsible for the cooperation of intelligent hardware vice president Shen Haiyin was in May this year to leave the business, as the founder of smart car line and CEO.

Shen Haiyin was in my circle of friends sent a message: "for a business, the most important thing in my life to two people, the biggest influence on my teacher, brother Zhou Hongyi (micro-blog) and Lei Jun (micro-blog)! Salute 360 free software mode and the hardware millet mode


Shen Haiyin

As everyone knows the relation between

360 and millet, Jinshan, it also reflects the relationship between the 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi and CEO Lei Jun millet is very delicate. Once, Fu Sheng (micro-blog) as Zhou Hongyi’s men jump to Jinshan, Jinshan and 360 are considered "pawn attack".

also has such a person in Jinshan, that is Shen Haiyin. Responsible for 360 of the hardware business and investment in the field before, Shen Haiyin was a Japanese Kingsoft CEO and director. Shen Haiyin joined in 360, was a Jinshan executives called Jinshan "rebel".

Zhou Hongyi Shen Haiyin will be introduced to Lei

can not only think Shen Haiyin is Kingsoft "rebel". Shen Haiyin said the Tencent of science and technology today to accept a telephone connection, he is certainly not the "rebel", Jinshan about 2 years to join the 360 time he never said a word of millet and jinshan.

"during the civil war, but also Biandabian negotiations need a messenger." Shen Haiyin said that he did not in the middle of a message, but between 360 and Jinshan, millet, Lei Jun and Zhou Hongyi, keeping the mentor and indeed some subtle.

Shen Haiyin and Lei Jun, Zhou Hongyi knew for a long time. That year, Zhou Hongyi founded 3721, the founder of the Japanese on the, named Jword, the shareholding ratio of 3721 to 3721 of the proportion of 35%. This entrepreneurial experience so that he has a little Zhou Hongyi title.

in 2003, Zhou Hongyi sold 3721 to YAHOO in the United States, and then Jword was sold to YAHOO japan. Shen Haiyin once again faced with the choice of career direction. In 2004, Zhou Hongyi, President of Lei Jun, President of time to introduce to the understanding of Shen Haiyin.

to March 8, 2005, Kingsoft Japan branch was officially established, Jinshan Chinese holds 40% of the shares, after half a year also released a Japanese version of kingsoft. To 2007, Kingsoft Lei leave, Shen Haiyin also ended up working relationship with Lei Jun.

Jinshan General tab let Shen Haiyin wronged

then there is a story, is the founder Lei Jun millet to Japan to find suitable suppliers and LCD screen, and Shen.

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