The king and the king’s story fuck nimesulide Runaway comic 8 years is how to spend


Abstract: Wang Nima and Wang Nimei, the two men are both business minded. They were born in a merchant family, parents start empty-handed. So they abandon the investment bank’s work will not feel particularly tangled. Wang Nimei said, the influence of his family, let her think start empty-handed is a very normal thing.


recently Wang and his sister Wang nimesulide fuck each with a group video team to film, the results of the two are glorious delay. One in Beijing, one in Shenzhen; one in the film "runaway big event", another in the film "idiotic brother". The situation in Beijing is not controllable, Babel and Liu Haoran are invited to help out the evening traffic jam. Shenzhen side procrastination belongs to self: the host Pino chance to chat to a topic, the king fuck led them with light, well armed, chatting hey, forget the time.

although this topic topic, alas, it was boring a somersault.

is a runaway comic and file creator is king and his sister Wang nimesulide fuck. Shenzhen team is mainly the big event and other homemade drama shooting, Beijing is the technology and App, the headquarters of Xi’an is a community and internal coordination, Nanjing has a group of technical men in charge of operations, Shanghai and Chengdu have offices. But the king and fuck the scope of activities is more than that, they are simply a "Jiaotu eight cave" life. We’ll talk about it later.

The new

powder is easy to love "big event", and those of us a little old people still remember those runaway comic official website cartoon maker. In the blink of an eye, diffuse violence has been 8 years, two of them were born in 1987, when their debut was early. Is it a child born?


— the dividing line formed by Yao Ming and curator of —

know someone Wanhe days should contrast between upper and runaway. Wanhe days should take is the grass root story, called the beast for years with potatoes podcast, a short a film that is a team of everything in good order and well arranged, what professional ah.

is really a runaway root and grass root. 2013 Toupai "big event", three people play troupes. Fuck the king was on that day to do the talk show host, producer Xiaoying brother was on that day started production. The task is to shoot all the production needs, and really dare to face the grass root, nothing of the state. Their two room only 60 square meters, close to the king fuck enough focus window.

The name "

" event "is the king of the Nepali us. "Grass root" and other self-made drama is equivalent to men’s collection, Wang nimesulide had a hunch that runaway is not suitable for pure burning piece go route, and the current hot spots have been updated, can be long-term use.

The first season of

lines by Wang fuck write, later changed to double week broadcast broadcast week, the workload is increased. Do you think that

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