PO momentum of the most powerful year VC shares from the exit to need how long


2016 at the end of the year, there are media circles joked, at the end of the various investment institutions in addition to busy drying themselves and portfolio take a variety of awards, but also increased the addition of a special program – the number of IPO drying portfolio. So, in such a good year, VC from investing in a project to IPO will (Note: not listed, not exit), how long it takes

first, in 2016, IPO

there is no doubt that 2016 was the most prosperous year for IPO in the last five years. Whether it is the number of IPO prospectus, or raise the amount of IPO, have hit a new high.


two, IPO regulatory philosophy evolution

the number of fund-raising and raise the amount of a record high after the new, more important is the change in the concept of IPO regulation, and the prototype of the registration system is faintly visible.

(I) issue speed

From the

IPO trial will IPO to herself, and the history of the most long time interval to the horrors of the 3.5 years. 2015-2016 years, the interval gradually shortened to 1 years, the 3 quarter, six months, since the fourth quarter of 2016 is shortened to about 2 months.

(two) audit environment relaxed

although 2016 IPO will be the number of projects with the basic equivalent in 2015, did not hit a new high, but these will be reflected in the case of the project audit environment gradually relaxed more worthy of attention.


in 2016 at least 10 kinds of previously did not want to think about the case:

1, profit fell sharply by more than 50% and



million sets of Technology (providing earnings forecast report shows a recent fiscal year net profit rose sharply)

Technology (in the financial report of the audit date deadline after the operation, the issuer disclosure expected net profit in 2016 than in 2015 will increase)

2, net profit from more than 50% tax incentives, the highest proportion of more than 100%


Kodak technology (the key is the tax preference has no sustainability)

3, a single client and a significant dependence on the two games will be


Jibit (the trial will not have any questions on these two questions)

4, accounts receivable is too large, even more than operating income of


(a large sensitive provision for bad debts, even against receivables customers)

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