Shanghai dragon Er Alert don’t let tools instead of you


then our thoughts on what time place? As the saying goes "do not seek a global insufficient to seek a field, it would have to rise to the website of the operation of perspective, the positioning of the website where, what is the strategic development, how to make marketing. The software is never to do things, and we can also say in the software to do a different competition, simply do the software to do things. Such as advertising copy tools can’t write it, artists this piece of software cannot substitute for it. In fact, the new concept is like the chain to do the chain one click it in so doing can bring to guide the flow link, we do have the active degree of the chain. I’ll give you four how to guide the flow of links as example. The chain tools can send the chain, but can’t do to guide the flow of the hair chain, with activity >

Chinese known as the biggest sweatshop Foxconn to introduce millions of robots instead of manual, was glad but luckily did not work in the Foxconn line, fortunately, the choice of Shanghai dragon in this industry, or face be machines and can be laid off. But not long before, in fact, has also produced a shocking software in Shanghai Longfeng community, that is by the domestic top master in Shanghai Longfeng research recently launched a chain of tools "light external links mining system 2", although I have not used, but heard. The legend of the use of this software, the efficiency of 5, 20 personal computer can at least more than now that 300 person team external links. A set of software can replace at least 50 external link personnel. See the chain tools so powerful, if you today or a chain of the Commissioner, do not know whether the smell of a serious crisis. Looking back today we see we are in the hands of Shanghai Longfeng work and what tools we have, what work which tools can not replace. From automatic station to automatic acquisition article, automatic pseudo original automatically released outside the chain of tools to now so well, according to this situation is grab people the tools of potential job. So today I’m not surprised here shout, don’t let tools instead of you. So how to find their own core competitiveness, keep our advantage and not be tools instead? And listen to my analysis.

first we see foreign famous philosopher Pascale for a description of the person, a person is just a reed, the most feeble thing in nature, but he is a thinking reed. The entire universe need not pick up weapons to destroy him, one breath, a drop of water is enough to kill him. However, even if he destroyed the universe, people are still better than which killed him more noble things, because he knew that he would die, and he has the advantage of the universe, and the universe is absolutely ignorant of this. Therefore, all our dignity is thinking. Believe that understand this sentence will see people for the core competitiveness of the tools. That is the man who is thinking, software is not thought. The software is also need to more powerful operation, but also to people to go into the soul.

Some time ago I heard that

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