On line today Pv6 will bring change to Shanghai dragon angle



deal with search engine personalized search", the author thinks that the Shanghai dragon is to deviate from them, we also need to optimize the user experience as the center. As Shanghai dragon Er we must jump off the Shanghai dragon alley. The influence of the factors will be more and more, over time and even the search engine algorithm will not be like now to do addition, then according to the ranking and score level. Of course, Google won’t tell you he is doing the addition or subtraction. IPv6 soon, will be selected out. Are you ready?

if IPv6 let all users have their own IP, if IPv6 and IPv4 also like area distribution that search engines can understand the specific areas of specific user’s), the author predicts the search engine will seize this opportunity to provide a better user experience for users, for the majority of our Shanghai dragon er it is both an opportunity and a challenge, to see how you hold.

in time and again before June 6, 2012, today officially launched IPv6. The agreement will be the perfect solution to the IP depletion of the international most countries appear. As Shanghai Longfeng our first concern is not to say that the increase of the network address, but to consider the impact of more deep, then to today’s Shanghai dragon which will bring what kind of big changes.

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with the operation of IPV6 in the near future, each computer has a fixed IP of their own, so that a search engine will be able to better for the users under IP implementation of personalized search, and not just because of lack of IP limited to the region. This point for the Shanghai dragon refracted Er is a big problem. Different users search results are different, or according to the different periods in different seasons and many other uncertain factors to determine the final ranking. Then we do optimization work to how to carry out

?The new trend of " From the above point of view

IPv6, the biggest change is the IP address changed. The arrival of the domestic IP today will be able to change the tense situation, some scholars said IPv6 can even as every grain of sand in a IP distribution on earth, of course it is a bit exaggerated. So the increase of IP for the search engines will produce what change? Before we start the analysis, we first need to know about the new trend of personalized search: search engine. As a result of any keyword search out all may not be the same. Of course, the current domestic still love Shanghai is mainly based on the area to determine the area, different search results may be different, for example, the current IP is in Quanzhou. We search for "weather", the search results will be in the area of information IP address appropriate changes. As shown below:

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