Love Shanghai night love Shanghai focus on users to vote for new action


search results show love Shanghai Cao Haitao blog a domain name.

as follows

love night in Shanghai and Shanghai after the news search love Shanghai turning the user first gun

hospital intimate show

just search Congress hear love Shanghai Lee says, yesterday I also deliberately share some experiences and views I saw yesterday, Lu Songsong’s blog also published in the Shanghai Journal of love, the article has reiterated the two views of love in Shanghai:


web search in the future: the depth of analysis of user behavior data mining machine search engine based on

The results show the intimate Figure


morning to the company the first thing to search your blog name, quietly found love Shanghai’s search results have been changed in

, love Shanghai sharing is a website to help increase user share a simple tool to function only needs to realize the SNS website, adding a code in the page. Users to share content to the SNS website in the website of the behavior, will be applied to the Shanghai love web search ranking included, etc; at the same time love Shanghai to share high quality data analysis services, can help website positioning, accurate analysis of SNS flow.


Web1.0 era, content is the website editor, the vote is also carried out on the site, the traditional search engine to the website to vote as the basis, establish the weight system based on hyperlink analysis.

last year, we see changes more and more love Shanghai to search for a search, such as the name of the hospital, on the right side of the search results will help you to get the name of Tianjin several hospitals were excavated, intended to help you find more information more convenient. Seems very simple, but behind all the technology logic is very complex. This product in the love inside Shanghai also known as the "intimate search", a new generation of search engines no longer adhere to the literal request user input statement itself, accurately understand the real intention of the user input statement and possible expansion of demand, integration to more accurately return to the user that best meet their needs search results.

minor The Following the A few days ago in Shanghai




Web2.0 era, the main content creation began to change for users to vote form from a single super chain extension for sharing, evaluation, grading and other forms, with a single user for the size of voting, can better reflect the value of the site. This information will be used to judge the value of engine web content search.

love Shanghai night scene pictures

Lee introduced the Shanghai love algorithm from the traditional super chain gradually change to the user vote vote.

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