Key words on the front page of how fast We must grasp the 4 periods


is a space to shield the site search engine spiders, another situation is DNS problem, also is the DNS server, when we visit our website, first analysis with IP address, and then through the IP address to find the server problem when parsing the website, resolve to IP may be taking to shield. Especially in a small space and taking some foreign business space, this.

then we should be how to judge whether the domain name is used before we fall in love with the sea K? We can directly enter directly in the love of Shanghai: site: your domain name or directly in Google enter your domain name, see whether your domain name information before. Here I recommend you use Google to search, because Google included more timely will be more comprehensive, if you have old domain name information, then we should go to a domain name to replace the decisive.

, of course, that time just for a new domain name and space for the. After some Shanghai Longfeng novice will encounter a new station on the line, love Shanghai has not grasp, so this time, probably before our domain name used by others, and love to Shanghai before the domain name to K, so that Shanghai has not go to capture, but the site we put in love Shanghai "love Shanghai sandbox" to observe


capture period However, the

under normal circumstances, when a website of our on-line search engine spiders do not necessarily go to crawl. For new sites, from the line to the search engines to crawl is take some time. Generally takes about a week to two weeks or so time.

: a

keyword ranking cycle, but also have certain rules, the whole want fast keywords on the front page, we must grasp the following 4 key periods:

in general can be divided into three parts, one is through the search engine over the flow through an external link over the flow, there is a user direct access to our domain over the flow.

for a new website, we want to put the key words do love Shanghai home in a short period of time, but we need to master certain skills outside of Shanghai dragon, we also need to grasp the composition of Shanghai Longfeng keyword ranking cycle! Only in this way can we fundamentally use the shortest time to we want to optimize keywords do love Shanghai home. As we all know, a site traffic source:

there is a situation, that is to say, the name we are new, have not been used before, but after the domain name online submission, the search engine spiders can crawl, crawl but when problems lead to grab failure. If this is the case, it may be caused by two situations:

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