The mark of love Shanghai in search results found


is a list of my own ranking

in the search results will have such a picture, look more pictures, obviously this is another big improvement love Shanghai structured data, this improvement should be a system upgrade like Shanghai. But you may have so few questions as follows.

you site your own website, will find that their home is the latest snapshot of your site, and you love the Shanghai title that snapshot is not necessarily the most new. This understanding in Xiaobin is a correlation with the weight problem. You site your own web site, the correlation is the highest, so will the best.


as shown above, "site:www.qiankoo贵族宝贝" will display a picture show, and love Shanghai "forum" and not thousands of cool display pictures of

why some places do not show pictures of

from the weight, picture quality, pictures, the quality, the number of words, forms and other aspects of the page, and we should be more concerned about how search engines crawl web content, grab the order, the front-end code, data index, site type and page type etc.; on the other hand that is, the love of Shanghai structured data update has just begun, at present with the graphic display, but not the number of pages have identified too much love, Shanghai period to update a cache or need, or we need to wait for the.

do not know if you can understand what I mean. The above is my understanding of this phenomenon for abstraction.

page display that the effect of

site > > search site; site title > site keywords; > long tail keywords "


love Shanghai search system upgrade which specific performance? Careful friends will find this:


this is very easy to understand, in fact, the principle is the same and the snapshot system.


Due to the recent How to make your ?We do not have to ?

love Shanghai search system fully upgraded, more on the quality of website content recognition accuracy, this will enable a large number of excellent content to get faster and more complete collection. It starts from the end of December, the amount of data you see the site index will be increased to a certain degree, with index data in sea tools will also have the corresponding promotion, this promotion is a normal phenomenon, please everyone with new data as the standard.

recently love Shanghai search engine has a new trend, the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform official announcement:

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