How to guide the flow of a website


: first by way of regular brush "search, drop-down box or


second: blog visits

I believe that many owners have had similar troubles for a long time why built site does not flow? Some day when several people see? This can be said to be the owners of the problem. The webmaster friends simply find the software to brush flow, or for each brush. We all know that a site without flow if you can’t do what. Flow of potential customers of post operation can proceed. How can a popular traffic? Today Fujian Shanghai dragon head wind will share with you some of my thoughts:


third: Mito induced flow

induced flow through the picture, you can find some beautiful pictures, or creative pictures can add watermark. To the group or forum to sit propaganda. If a picture of the creative, attracting many people would be saved for future.


blog visits, we suggest that you can find a few Hot Blog such as "Moonlight", "Lu Songsong" blog blog Hot Blog etc.. Because they are each blog blogger comments on 100. We can one next to give their comments over the past, because the blog comments can bring website address and email all this when you go to others when others comment will come to your comment. To such a goal of his day to visit many. Insist every day there will be a considerable part of the blogger to visit. Of course, if the station is a type of blog, Alexa world rankings are of great help. Because most browsers have installed alexe query plugin. It will accelerate the upgrading of Alexa ranking.

general search engines often refer to the search engine drop-down box prompts, or related search tips. If you own the website also appears in the above is of great help to get traffic. Often see your mail or QQ group often brush search AD, so many friends have brush. Usually hang up each point through software to achieve, but it is said that a lot of brush will obviously be search engine punishment, the bypassing. About to guide the search through formal channels, love Shanghai there are several search keywords ranking several. We can make good use of love Shanghai products to guide itself. For example, I want to do is brush word "back" I love Shanghai Tesco quiz stickers, to attract users to search and so on. Then it can go to the SNS website, to guide the meager. Of course write soft friend is of course write the article guide effect is the best. When a user searches for the word you guide more, in the search box box and drop the word will appear.

"When they went to

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