Link building should be how to set goals and evaluate your competitiveness


monitors your links to competitors

analysis of your competitors link is a very important part of the Shanghai dragon but now we only want to pay attention to the chain two – chain number and your competitors. These data will help you for your own custom fit your goals.  

"a lot of" what is

my last column is used to observe how can increase your external links. Regularly check your links, record number, and draw out how they are increased with the change of time, this is a very important step to control the link.   however, the most important is not as usual imagination, but also do something to change their. In other words, you need to establish a link, a lot of links.  

any Shanghai dragon knows that link is very important for ranking and indexing, especially for Google. But now through those common keyword ranking strategy to obtain search traffic has not a high feasibility. (especially for those small businesses), if you research the ranking of the interval, then you can find those links from these rankings.  


obviously, when it comes to the link, "many others" will become "almost no". All this depends on his niche and competitiveness. But for us is lucky enough, we can easily to our own website to come up with some practical ideas.  

in my last column, we saw three different used to calculate the chain of tools: Webmaster Tools (noble baby Google Webmaster Tools), Open Site Explorer (open source detector) and Majestic Shanghai dragon. Each gives different data, because the site index at random, each data have the wrong place. However, if you have sharp eyes, you will find a very important details, there is another version of the webmaster tools, these tools can be used to check your competitors and your own chain chain.  

but when you start, you need to find out which one of your competitors is in the first row. It is very important to distinguish your opponent and search for "real life" opponents (maybe in some time they are the same). We only need a simple closed.

in the business process, before the start of the project in the heart has a clear goal is good (or on paper). If you are your own boss, realistic, short-term goals, even more, it is helpful to improve your career. But you can’t just dream, you are not for your link building to create some substantive things?  

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