How to operate overseas data from falling in love with the site outside the chain chain


although the chain of personal space in the number of no advantage, but the more small piece of meat, for our small webmaster was not what the chain resources can a piece is a piece of


this is love Shanghai crawl A5 forum data, we all know that A5 is unable to add text anchor text signature can only capture data, and love Shanghai and I just BBS signature is the same, indicating that the forum signature effect still exists. But many webmaster said the forum signature effect did not, presumably because of the large amount of irrigation in Weakness lends wings to rumours. forum content quality decline in love in Shanghai in order to enhance the user experience of those who use the forum had to reduce the weight of the chain of the irrigation, so everyone in the forum after the number of the chain must not only quality is king.

, a forum signature is still useful

three, this data is not directly affect the ranking of

two, love Shanghai grab forum personal space



we will find a lot of forum signature cannot set the anchor text, then this forum resources we can not give up? In fact although some forum signature can not engage in the anchor text, but the forum space can be set. Ekey Shanghai dragon by digging chain data for love outside of Shanghai, found that Shanghai is love can grab the personal space as shown below.


love in Shanghai outside the chain of tools last wrote two instructions, inform the webmaster query outside the chain of tools of data is not directly decided to love Shanghai ranked data, in fact, from which data can also be found in this issue. There are a lot of the chain has been open, NetEase blog with nofollow love Shanghai were also grab, there are many tools in the text also demonstrated. So when everyone in the release of the chain must be screened cut can not blindly spamming.




Although love Shanghai

outside the chain of tools in the data is not the true meaning of the chain, but at least it can be told where to grab our love Shanghai, then we can combine their own understanding of the Shanghai dragon screening of valuable resources from outside the chain, so that we can improve our working efficiency. The whole love Shanghai outside the chain of tools of data is relatively comprehensive, only.

love Shanghai has finally launched the upgraded version of the tool chain, the chain can not only check their website can also query other web site data, but these data are not for ranking help. Today, Shanghai dragon is easy to share with you my love in Shanghai through the analysis of the chain data by inspiration and ideas.

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