How to carry out the analysis of user needs



first, search the word "Shanghai dragon" love Shanghai drop-down box the first word there is "what" is Shanghai dragon, this shows that want to understand the concept of Shanghai Longfeng users is the most, so in our website content inside the content reflected the concept of the Shanghai dragon, appeared in second. "Shanghai Dragon optimization" this word, we find the word with "Shanghai dragon is what the word" user demand, the difference between the two is not in the third position is "Shanghai dragon", indicating that the user has tutorial tutorial Shanghai Longfeng demand and so on, and so on.

(2) love Shanghai drop-down box in the figure above, it is not difficult to find, "sail" brand belongs to the category of demand, the word to our website without any association.


(1) love Shanghai drop-down box are ranked by the user for a period of time the amount of search and decision. The only response during a period of time that the needs of users, such as the recent disappearance of Malaysia Airlines, a short period of time there are a lot of people who love Shanghai in search of the missing Malaysia Airlines latest news, love Shanghai drop-down box indicates, if, after things over the years, we go to search for the missing Malaysia Airlines, love Shanghai the drop-down box will give out the missing Malaysia Airlines latest news tips, the answer is definitely not.

(3) see "Shanghai dragon tutorial" the word, we can think of is not very fast, what are the requirements of the user guide, such as the user needs is a video or a document, is to watch online or download etc..

any site to Shanghai dragon optimization, must carry on the analysis of user needs, only after the user needs to be able to make our web site for ranking, because Shanghai is not likely to love a does not meet the needs of users on the site home page. Analysis of user demand is very big impact on our website optimization, it is an important factor in ranking sites, many people will think that the user needs analysis is very difficult to do, that is in fact, there are many speak generally, method of user demand analysis, here I simply introduced the drop-down box to love Shanghai.

this paper comes from the Taiyuan Shanghai dragon.

suppose that we want to do a Shanghai dragon website, so how do we analyse the user needs

finally, after we put these needs sorted out a list, arranged according to their importance, so the user needs analysis is basically completed.


second, deep mining and screening of demand, the reason for this:

user demand analysis we just begin to do a website optimization, want to get good rankings just do these is not enough, because of changes in user needs, which requires us to study through the comparison of different methods, so that the conclusion is reliable.

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