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search engine algorithm changes the original and pseudo original mode, before the site only need to find some writers just write some articles can cause the attention to search engine spiders per day to website content capture, and with the change of the search engine, which deliberately false original and copy of the article has not been able to cause the search the engine’s attention, now the search engine is really love the original article, a few days ago I took a website beginning with the method of pseudo original wrote a 500 word article search engine is not included, but yesterday I wrote a more than 1000 word of the original article, the article in 2 an hour it was included in the search engine, can be seen from the search engine algorithm change to the website.

I am a Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, has four years of experience in the website optimization, the optimization process of these four years has accumulated a lot of experience, beginning to optimize the site feel search engine algorithm is very simple, no matter what kind of website can be within a few months to search engine optimization the home page, with the search engine algorithm change rapidly, optimize the site now has many changes, using the portal from the beginning of the blog to take now independent blog and large forum set up the chain, from the beginning of this chapter acquisition and pseudo original articles to present original articles, these are the change of website optimization the means, and now the largest search engine love Shanghai changed large-scale algorithm, now I accept some website optimization, the entire site Enter the change situation of optimization technique.

Look at the content of

finally come to see the website code, with the improvement of the algorithm.

first search engine algorithm has punished deliberately chain means, to do the site do is outside the chain, the chain drives the website forward, and now the search engine to determine whether the chain is cheating, whether it is hanging outside the chain before the behavior, optimize the site only need to buy a few high weight and the PR chain can easily make the website ranking improved, and now the purchase of the chain has not can bring the leading role of higher for the website search engine, more attention is paid to the outside of the chain of diversity and stability, the chain can bring positive effect for the development of the website.

recently we have seen the love Shanghai search engine continued to force, many site is down right, and in the process of building sites will be encountered in the operation, optimization, construction and so on setbacks, as a webmaster not only need to have a psychological, there should also be non technical optimization where, on the website optimization we must learn to "formlessness", regardless of site development to which a point should have overcome the psychological, in the face of various difficulties of innovative ideas, let’s talk about the search engine algorithm in the changing period of how to optimize the site.

Finally, look at the code First look at the chain


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