How to optimize the effect of the 2012 forum signature examples



we can see if we’re in a forum on the left tens of thousands of signatures to reply, but as long as we in the day the account signature change or delete, before being included in our signature forum posts on the link will change. That is to say, we have left the signature link all was changed into the current signature links, and what is the impact on our site? First, the weights of the site is basically unchanged, we can also see the weight brought from this forum signature is basically negligible. Then, it can give new links to bring more opportunities to the spider crawling, although many posts are included, the spider crawling little again, but some can be crawling. The following is the experimental site, I have to look through the change of the forum signature effect:

, a forum signature to


we do the chain is not to pass it to our site of the weight, however, the author found that the weight is currently through the forum signature transfer is very low, and this trend is lower. Why? The first flood forum signature has attracted more and more attention to the quality of content search engine will reduce the weight of discontent, the. Then this method is the use of forum signature you want others to want to get, and the threshold is very low, even if a page weight is very high, is the simple forum signature so much, finally you get is very little.

The weight of

from the above we can see changes in Shanghai love of the chain, the increasing link is the author obtained through the forum signature, but these did not bring to the site of the weight lifting. His only role is to increase the rate of search engine crawling. The site has just changed title, also submitted to the search engine. But the search engine spiders never came crawling, so I try to get the forum outside the chain of construction, in the construction stage, and finally through the forum outside the chain will be successful introduction of spider web

we can see that in 2012, the forum signature role tends to weaken, we should also get the signal, when the construction of the chain, don’t put the center in quantity, more should consider the quality of the chain, in order to make our site has a more.

two, forum signature to change the chain changes brought by

chain construction for one of the most important work in the optimization work we do, most of the methods in the forum outside the chain are used through the forum signature, many people often use the Shanghai dragon Er signature to do outside the chain, after all, directly on the forum outside the chain is easy to cause the main version to delete posts and even titles. The signature is relatively loose. Then in 2012 the BBS signature effect how? Still like the past effect? The author on this issue to share her own points through their own experience.

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