Analysis sites included four reasons and lifting



site outside the chain of unstable

the following is the author summarizes the reason analysis.



, a host of unstable

recently webmasters are telling their own web site is included before 1949, the web site is included although there continued to decline, but the amount of lift recorded in a month and adducent really annoying. For this I believe that many owners have this experience. The author thinks that the website is not stable, the reason why today tomorrow is mainly from high and low of the site itself, rather than the search engine database. We should be looking for reasons to own site, don’t fantasy is search engine problem. Today the author takes examples to talk about the website included the amount of repeated movements for several reasons, the hope can help you find the right reasons.

A small

space is the carrier website’s operation, but also influence the only element of the spider can crawl into the website. However, our web site is included in the analysis of causes of instability in many times, often ignore the key elements of space. The space is stable to affect the level of the amount collected is very large, such as when the spider crawling site to the door, but how also can not enter the internal site search engine grab content, and when updating the database, you cannot access the page link, then the search engine of the deleted object in addition to the preferred. And the host space is not stable, when the user enters your site in the search engine results show that after waiting for a long time can not access the content, so the statistical tools into the IP statistics of users, if you are using love Shanghai statistics, then love will be according to the statistics in Shanghai the data to determine the user experience of the website, because the space is not stable and allows the user to jump out rate is high, the natural search engine can also be used as a reason to determine the content of no value, at the same time this page love Shanghai is not included, even included the start, when the content of no value in this, will deleted, so the website included quantity will decrease. Therefore, guarantee the stability of the space is to protect the site included the premise of quantity.


as everyone knows, the web site is included with the level of the chain is a must not be divided between. Personally, we in the chain, most are using the home page link, but rarely used in other pages, so that the spider always crawling to grab some web page repeat grab the content. In the course of time, will certainly lose the spider crawling on the site of interest. After all, we all know that spider is Xixinyanjiu, and if the unstable site outside the chain of the same.

of the author, and began to included the amount of half a month, a rise of a drop, as shown in figure


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