B2C mall operation must know the four Shanghai dragon core optimization


as the B2C store content, mainly pictures and title and property, as well as a variety of related products is rich in content, now a lot of B2C mall, in the product introduction, often have the form of pictures to do, I think it has a defect, that is not conducive to the love of spiders in Shanghai the grab, you know, now love Shanghai spiders can crawl the main text content, to the content of an image, often grasping is unlikely, unless it is included to love Shanghai pictures inside the channel, it also requires the picture should have the ALT property can, otherwise the picture will not

is currently the main structure of B2C mall has two kinds, one is the two layer structure, and is the home page of the purchase page, the other is a three layer structure is more than one channel page, actually these two kinds of structure, at present "

two: the optimization of the content is

content is optimized for the B2C mall so they need to pay attention to two aspects, one is as far as possible to fill in the text of a large amount of information on the website, can use text instead, never use pictures, with pictures, you must set the picture ALT attribute, after all the pictures can be love Shanghai pictures included, it is often possible to turn some of the flow through the picture! But now some enterprises, in order to let the B2C mall become more beautiful, add a FLASH element, a large number of the site is still in the author’s opinion, this is not necessary, after all, FLASH for website construction, is an outdated technology, completely is not conducive to the optimization of website content

: B2C mall site program in the

for personal or business operations, B2C mall site, it is impossible to develop a complete website system alone, mostly through the purchase of existing procedures of the station, but the station program, which comes with the template, but need a good custom, it is best to cooperate according to the site of the program developers, and then let them develop a set, according to a set of individual sales of the products you template, so you can make your first impression, get extra points, reduce the site’s jump rate

website optimization structure and internal chain !


template to personal independence of conduct ! !

B2C mall now is very important in e-commerce applications, and many small and medium-sized enterprises, have their own separate operation of the B2C website, this is in order to make their quality and reputation will not be affected because the other mall rotten reputation, but their own separate operation B2C Shopping Mall website, will also encounter many bottlenecks, such as delivery, such as the user experience of the website and the website of the Shanghai dragon optimization and so on, are subject to various restrictions, after all, such as Taobao, the Jingdong the B2C shopping platform, has a very strong technical, so do not worry about Shanghai Longfeng optimization bottleneck, so here I will talk about the key. Independent B2C mall, some optimization contents need to pay attention to



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