QQ space for the building materials industry value of marketing and marketing methods


for example: the marketing of building materials products is the radiator, the radiator belongs to the heating equipment, the author will choose the targeted website promotion, can go to some large building materials forum, the forum has potential users very powerful, promotion is content to the user experience, the best is great to help the user, and then left to marketing the QQ number or QQ address space, if easy to be deleted, I can spend some money to go to the site to communicate, and then slowly spread and accumulate fans.

, go to the targeted site promotion enterprise and obtain accurate user

with the development of Internet, Internet marketing has entered the webmaster’s life, as long as about QQ space marketing, circle of friends who will think of the red rice QQ marketing space recently, red rice mobile phone using QQ space marketing in just a few days to make the powder silk binge and mobile phone berserk. From this point of view, many webmaster want to through product or personal QQ space marketing products, it is every enterprise can make marketing through space? Each enterprise is not to regard it as right to make money through space marketing, as long as careful study to marketing method under the red rice.

(8.19 space access number

recently, the author in the space of marketing research, the success of the heart to see the red rice are also more and more energy, the author in the process of analysis mainly from the website of the other side and space to start, it also finds some of the help, Yu Shibi found space for the building materials industry is to QQ can do marketing through a period of testing, fully explain the marketing value of QQ space on the building materials industry is still very good. Then the author summarizes the following points: QQ space marketing must have is that there are websites in their own, get a lot of fans through the website propaganda, organization and integration of fans, the space should have the user experience, and then published and forwarded content, it is best to have the certification of space, with these conditions, millet can not do marketing space accident multiplier. Following on from the author to exchange with everybody’s specific practices.

first, go to the targeted website promotion for enterprises to obtain accurate user. The author suggested that the ready to do marketing QQ certification before the promotion space to the enterprise information, the certification will have a more powerful force, so the space certification is a must, in the name of the enterprise to certification. Then go to the targeted site promotion company, can promote when left QQ, QQ space address and other contact information, to note that must go to the place, because in the future, we obtain the target users, such as red rice have access to mobile phone users to these places to promote the enterprise will have users with QQ. Another point is to build your own website to publicize and then obtain the accurate user.

two, the target user and integration organization belong to a local

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