Teach you how to do the chain is the best


high weight chain: Links and one-way links to these links are more difficult to obtain high weight links, these links are more difficult to obtain and high weight, but Sina blog website one-way links to these resources, Gao Quanzhong is not outside the chain, the registration costs are low, these can easily get dozens of one-way links some, like portal website high traffic websites and ICO class to do a one-way or Links to your website, this link is great value. (ICO site is in the web page title on the left there is a small table, this icon is the search engine for, not made himself)


in the chain is the most important link in the position, many Shanghai dragon optimization keywords and links to love in the middle or back end, such a link is not effective, the chain’s main purpose is to guide the user to click on the link and visit your site through this the link, it is the simple drainage, we do the chain to do to have the quality, you do one hundred garbage outside the chain, not to do a high quality of the chain link, the best placed at the bottom of the article, do not put in the text, it will affect the user’s reading, the link is placed in the bottom have the skills, you can’t directly link at the bottom of the user can, why you to click on this link, the user is not a fool, we want to recommend the promotion in the form of this link, for example:

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general: the chain is relatively easy to get links, like BBS signature, blog, link, these are relatively easy to obtain, now do not link value forum signature, the effect is not very good, recommend you not to do this, rather than outside the chain can not do spam links because, when your website spam links reach a certain number, there may be search engine punishment.

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link position:


can be very good to guide the user to your site, than the direct links at the bottom put a lot of good, there is a very important point is to a chain. "


chain can be divided into two categories: general chain and high weight chain

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chain is what we do every day in the optimization to Shanghai dragon to do, one day we send dozens of the chain, one hundred of what is the use? What is the value chain? What helps us optimize the site? The value chain is the main access to voting and increase exposure the rate of the chain, can improve the site keywords ranking, to guide the user to your site, increase the site’s exposure rate in the early stage of site optimization, the chain plays a role in boosting, can let you quickly get website ranking. The following by Zi Xuan to teach you how to send the chain:

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