Shanghai dragon master group blackbird road Shanghai Longfeng learning


remember when my learning method, I now want to laugh, because most people had to later become a question from a group I won’t ask rookie, sometimes disturb him every day (dust Buddha), to ask questions on his ass, several times he wanted to take me out of T, at last I begged finally is not bear to T me, because I am so unremittingly efforts, led me out of rookie, thank you very much for the dust of buddha.

station! Shanghai dragon Now there are a lot of the original

when I learn about the knowledge of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon group in the master told me that only Shanghai dragon theory is useless, I just think they gave me a splash of cold water, let me taste cool, but also for this reason, the second day, I registered a domain name. Because I want to do a health station, so I chose 520 healthy every day this domain, when I choose a good domain name, I have to buy a space, no space, domain name is not what, after many of my choice, the final choice in the www.***贵族宝贝 to buy, why buy it because of this, do not record the record at home to spend more than 100 dollars for the novice, we can not spend so much money to record, then the price is cheap, fast, this is the most important, the PING value is very low, with love Marine little difference, so I chose this program, I used dedecms, when everything is ready, I began my trip to Shanghai Longfeng practice, when I stand well, I found I had a lot of things will not, for example, how to increase the site’s weight, how to make love in Shanghai more, these problems do not stand in before and after do not consider, in the group in question, I also learn more knowledge, I put my knowledge into practice, to now has become small.

learning for 5 months, from a super rookie of the beginning to the present Shanghai has become a small dragon, the beginning of learning Shanghai dragon doesn’t know how to learn, learn from what place, then a friend told me that if you want to study in Shanghai Dragon Phoenix, can begin to learn. From the most basic parts such as QQ group, I think they look through the QQ group It stands to reason. at the time, found a lot, I added one by one, after a period of study, found that only 64830523 of this group is the best for me, because of my help the most, and group every day people carefully, let me harvest good.

with me into the group who is now a station is not, why, because they think I haven’t learn knowledge of Shanghai dragon, now do stand also do well, if you want, it is completely mistaken, only to learn in practice something more, I want to act immediately in the study of Shanghai dragon friends, if you want to learn more knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng, welcomed into the group of AC 64830523 this paper feeds from www.520ttjk贵族宝贝

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