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1, you can add a special TV shopping. TV shopping products are short-term hot so we can use your site keywords can reach ideal product weight, fast ranking, and obtain additional traffic.

site layout

2, domain name classification: for example: mobile phone products partition is www.suning贵族宝贝/sj/ so that the www.suning贵族宝贝/sj/sjpj/ mobile phone accessories. Domain name classification directly tell the importance of the search engine which page, instead of products and product partition sub page level. The higher the level of search engine weight distribution is higher.

4, need to do Shanghai Longfeng optimized pages can all generate static, and can not use the JS as a hyperlink.

3, each page should have product partition of navigation, this you do better.

2, you can add a special product information. For example, a brand product quality problem or some brand-name products caused by certain events, can greatly speed up the search over the flow. And also improve the user experience.

mobile phone products partition is "brand new mobile phone, mobile phone and other mobile phone accessories" then the key partition should be: "mobile phone accessories, mobile phone accessories and other products sub page keywords" so it should be a brand of a certain type of some parts "in accordance with this model around the main keywords to a level assigned.

, a URL


3, Keywords

does not recommend the use of two domain names, because your station does not need to buy the product, car beauty like area.

1, your weight is very high, but did not reach the website weight transfer exchange effect, such as: 贵族宝贝suning贵族宝贝/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/prd_10052_10051_-7_422291_.html this product page we can add related products sales, related product recommendation and related information products, accessories such as not only to enhance the user experience and achieve the weight between the website and website transfer.

four, distribution1, if the keyword


2, whether it is product column or sub page information module at least accounted for 10-20 percent. In order to achieve better to achieve interoperability between website and website (the weight transfer) and also directly affect the level of PR.

three, website partition

1, URL most expensive station is too long, which is the classification of products, users can remember to be brief. The user experience greatly enhanced. At the same time directly affect the ranking.

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