Su Di Kang Shanghai City Longfeng site looks very beautiful


Shanghai City Longfeng operation involves a lot of professional knowledge. For example, Shanghai City Longfeng business process analysis and optimization, Shanghai City, Shanghai City Longfeng expert packaging strategy Longfeng customer education strategy. In addition, Shanghai City Longfeng website design, corporate training planning, copy writing, is an important part of the city of Shanghai dragon in operation.

Shanghai City Longfeng operation anxiety

of Shanghai City Longfeng, orders is the necessary way to profit. The so-called Shanghai City Longfeng orders, refers to the city of Shanghai Longfeng site maintenance provide customer service service to Shanghai dragon or the surrounding local enterprises, in accordance with the amount of service charge behavior.

even in some city, the local city of Shanghai Longfeng website Title write directly on the lowest price". Understand the marketing friends know, once the start price war, the entire industry’s interests will be damaged. Perhaps some people will say that customers benefit. In fact, the final result of the price war is misleading customers looking for the lowest price, instead of looking for the best service. The result is that the entire industry was the lowest but the quality of service can not keep up people get reputation.

according to a city of Shanghai Longfeng site provides Shanghai dragon service price list can be learned, if every month to two (single, according to the price list) can maintain the project profitability, turnover of nearly million yuan. Unfortunately, this is just a price list. The actual operation of the process, the price of a single keyword may not be so high, not every month can receive. Many city Shanghai Longfeng site since the open access has received the telephone inquiry is one of the few, not to mention the orders.

Shanghai City Longfeng operation way

this predicament, harassing every city of Shanghai dragon — how to get out of the plight of single ground station, relying on city Shanghai Longfeng get the expected income? We have such a dilemma called: "by the low rate of inquiry", "turnover rate" and "service mode narrow" crux of the low income, Shanghai city the dragon’s anxiety unstable income "".

is influenced by the theory of niche market, many fans choose "Shanghai dragon city name + Shanghai dragon" for your keywords, build Shanghai City Longfeng site, to provide services to local enterprises in Shanghai dragon. Many people think that, as long as their own city of Shanghai Longfeng site in the search engine (like Shanghai and Google) good ranking keyword search results, it could be used as credentials to sell themselves to the local enterprises in Shanghai dragon service. Network marketing analyst Su Dikang believes that this kind of thought, the city of Shanghai dragon operation too is too simple. Shanghai Dragon City website, looks very beautiful.

the city of Shanghai Longfeng market chaos, a large number of new influx caused by market disorder. The confusion in the market, the greater the chance to become the market leader. Shanghai City Longfeng operation way, operation strategy is to develop professional >

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