Take care of the original is your attitude persistence and innovation


people every day also pay attention to Lu Songsong’s blog, see his slogan is that attitude is more important than ability, the slogan is too right. Treat the original, really need an attitude. For example, we reproduced the site, first in the txt document filtering to anchor text links others to filter out; each paragraph begins to empty two words; a blank line between Duanhe; the picture into the center display, for each picture with ALT markers; even at the end give others the statement or article copyright information sources to others in the back chain; the article met the corresponding text to do it on our own site within the chain, these are we seriously do? This is to treat the attitudes, after the operation, even if we do not have the original first hand. This attitude, the search engine will naturally think we are original. People also wrote an article that is the original search engines to be tolerant, there is a certain tolerance. Otherwise, the articles are not reproduced, the Internet is not the internet.

2, adhere to

1, the attitude of

no matter how search engines to K station, right down there will always be the first page of the 10 sites occupy the search engine. Even if Shanghai love his encyclopedia, know the top few, always stand third, fourth, fifth. Why can’t we do that in 3, 4, 5? Return to the source, back to love Shanghai engineer Lee answer, or that the site does not provide useful to the user, the so-called original.


, however, took the author is engaged in the valve industry, in addition to large Alibaba, such as the site, related industries and smaller stations, just one there are as many as hundreds of dozens. To get so much of the original to there? The valve industry, specializing in real write original people around the China may be less than 100, even 100 people every day to write an article to mean so many sites, each is a just, in addition to the industry site, there are tens of thousands of enterprises in the scalp to crush do optimization, they go to get back to the original? This is the title of this article is that we adhere to the attitude of the original, and the innovation of the content is a way to go through.

also insist on attitude, but insisted that this is a website to in time. Many industry site, around 2000 has been set up, although its editorial department almost do not write any original, but when this industry has the latest information and related information, it will adhere to the reporting, dissemination. 365 days a year in addition to the rest day, every day on time, according to a certain amount of released to his site. If things go on like this, the search engine spiders formed a good habit, naturally came to the site to crawl, and each will have new different content for the spider index, this way, this is a personal opinion itself "


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