The two picture shows you how much money you need to start a company


looks like all successful startups will get financing in the early days. But is this really the case? If so, how much financing is needed to start a startup? How much does it cost to start the


startup and development are two different things. Even if you have $10 thousand to start the project, if you want the company to IPO, then how much money do you need? Here are a few startups before the IPO to melt into the capital. Why is there such a difference?


may appear for the following reasons:


1, some companies choose to start from an early age, the results are not so important.

2, some founders have a cultural concept of over financing.

3, some types of companies are more attractive to investors.

so, how much money do you think you should need?

we put these personal factors and cultural factors aside, the founder of Google is better than its Facebook need to spend more money? If the two companies spend money, then you have much money with you to create a relationship between how much value? < / p>

in his book will have the same situation. The authors write in little state in prison or work and have the author write works may as well. Nelson · Mandela, ·, ·; and of · Luther · the story of the king of the poor may be able to achieve excellent works in the works of the king of the. But is this the case for startups, which, on the other hand, is the opposite: the more money you make, the more money you make?.

I think I’ve answered your basic needs. The basic needs of start-up companies are people. If you have the money you want to attract talent, choose the office area, with office supplies, you have all the startups need, then you can go to create value.

, however, startups spend a lot of money. Marketing needs a lot of money. You will also need to rent a high-end office, buy a well-designed furniture, buy high-end office chairs will spend some of the company’s funds. All of these actions can help you boost your morale, but it’s just a real step in creating value.

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