The website B2B industry to optimize the operation to make the site began to earn profits


planning for Industry and construction mode, website, website products accounted for only about 30%, and the traditional products of different


two, do website content, original, update a large amount, love Shanghai included

The traditional

good website content, original, update a large amount, love is a part of Shanghai included many website products, accounting for about 30% of the B2B industry website is a platform, is a media, from the perspective of search engine optimization, as well as from the media attribute, the website B2B business is: content is King regardless of the industry, "

B2B industry website

, a selection of industry and planning mode, construction site


analysis of factors from the whole business successful website contains a B2B website, the initial construction, may be less than 10% and 90% of the work is based on the analysis of the user’s research, improvement of the continuous improvement, website content, do the best promotion, improve the site’s traffic, the number of registered users and increase sales the amount and renewals. Many people do not understand, often think that website construction is good, he can start the recruitment of sales to make money, a lot of people want to site construction outsourcing (I don’t approve of the website construction outsourcing, "B2B industry website construction is not suitable for outsourcing, don’t be fooled"), is the idea that the B2B industry website business is too easy to think, in fact, the industry is also a certain threshold, although not much investment. But once successful, there is no too much risk, the stronger will be more and more strong, especially in the industry to do the first, you can have a relatively stable income and profits, because the B2B industry website, is a media, a platform, a brand.

such as a shirt, a piece of equipment, from the initial market research, development, production, testing, debugging to complete, will be officially on the market, the product has completed more than 90%. The sales team to start recruiting, and started trial sales, or sales in the local area, and then to the mature. As long as the latter according to market feedback, further improvement can not affect the early stage of product sales.

is the market volume, not much competition in the industry from the early to late, the main mode of selection, planning, design, development, testing, to the final website, just finished product website about 30%, if the website construction is relatively poor, the actual completed only about 10% of the products, don’t start doing sales. After the opening of the website, also need to enter the content, but also to ensure continuous updates, but also the promotion, make the access number, the number of registered users, reach a certain target, is to create 90% end products. In the process of operation, to improve the design and development every day, to have exclusive artists and programmers, not good website construction finished, on the contrary, the vast majority of website construction work is done in the management process, to improve the website constantly every day.

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