How to optimize the beloved Shanghai home a cheating picture station


have difficulty, Xiaobian strategy is to optimize the simple words gradually began to slowly progressive optimization. This operation is good, simple keyword ranking easy, after simple words on site will accumulate some traffic which will contribute to the optimization of the weights click on the word it would be easier to. If you start to optimize the competition more intense, long cycle and not easy to optimize the effect, it is not easy to answer the customer asked. The world is difficult will do in world affairs, will do in detail.

is such a cheating site, Xiao Bian had tremendous effort will finally beloved customer choice of keywords optimization of Shanghai home, ranking as shown below. The following share methods and ideas of Xi’an wedding Optimization:


many webmaster only to update and send the chain that is Shanghai dragon, micro-blog, SNS, QQ in the interactive space platform can also guide role to play in Shanghai dragon. We can publish promotions in the interactive platform and then through the above description to guide the user to search our website so as to increase the weight and promote steady click ranking.

in Shanghai Longfeng this line, is the deep feeling: not only more the cheating, cheating. Various deceptive sites, program, space, white customers…… Since in this line, so it is necessary to withstand any pressure to press forward. Today, Xiao Bian will own wedding photography. How will a cheating station optimization to Shanghai home and love experience for everyone to share, to provide reference for the desirable.

interactive platform

, from simple to difficult

a lot of enterprises and the owners believe that online and offline is separate, this awareness is very wrong. That is because he can’t find the good convergence of online and offline.

there is only a piece of this website update area is the home page of the latest activity, since the definition of the latest activities then cannot update other content, such as does not update the same region. Although the picture stand, but also love Shanghai very difficult to understand the picture content, to get good rankings not only to meet the needs of users but also consider the love of Shanghai.


three, line line


first, to see the site open speed and procedures. Open space is slow, about 7~8 seconds to fully display page. In the page I waited for nearly ten seconds before the show, the browsing experience for the competition without any competitive ranking. Let’s look at the program, ASP dynamic path not included with the basic are pictures, the search engine is not very friendly but not included. Not included no ranking in the qualification, it will lose a lot of long tail words flow and thus lower score page ZhengZhan quality assessment.



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