How to use the popular keywords and the Shanghai dragon document editing skills


for the popular information every day we have to learn how to combine their products to promote development of thinking. The method is dead, people are living, now many successful promotion methods are used to others to come, I hope that friends start thinking, don’t put yourself in the frame, play to their talents, can have more good new promotion methods.

6. if a keyword is really hot and your website products combined very well, so it is possible to build special popular keywords. For example, iPad and iPad video converter, you can build a special topic page iPad.

Keywords content or important text in

look at the red box out, Taobao double eleven in the singles day day love Shanghai index is more than 4000, a few days later the 12 billion 900 million sales, let Taobao double eleven keyword search volume rose 2715%. The figure in this article will be Taobao double eleven and user experience to combine, wrote a document, the title of this article will be popular keywords Taobao "double eleven" on the front of the user experience on the back, and in front of the second line appeared in "Taobao double eleven" the keywords. I will this document submission of ADMIN5 station network, very smoothly passed.

Behind the

3. are highlighted in bold, allowing users to see the article will think that it is important.

1. the title should appear popular keywords, up to two times, and the popular keywords and keyword from left to right, popular keywords on the front, the keywords you want to express on the back. Of course, the number of characters of the title must control in 100 characters.

2. in the first 100 words in the keyword appears best.

The Please respect the labor

/ Kunshan website optimization Xu Ou ou

is a popular keyword search volume is very high, if combined with the popular keywords of a document can be very good, so this document to bring traffic or other promotion effect is very ideal, so how to use the popular keywords and the Shanghai dragon skills document editing, combined with my years of experience, Kunshan website optimization Shanghai dragon. There are several main techniques:

4. do not appear keywords and links, but also for popular keywords, as far as possible to add popular keyword links in the link, certainly not every popular keyword to add links, select the upper position is better placed to the popular keyword link.


5. document needs as much as possible to mention popular keywords and web site keywords.

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