Love Shanghai recently not included new domain name sandbox period adjustment


Figure 4


but at the same time, even if the two domain name included after a short period of time, even if the normal update is also difficult to be included in the page. Figure 4:

causes the recent adjustment of love Shanghai, Sandbox period changes.

used to do a website, website, to love Shanghai submitted, usually second days included, slow is 3, 5 days included, included home with no basic optimization what, as long as the robots.txt search engine is no problem without a shield. But the company recently do new sites, domain name for a month, normal update the chain every day, Google, 360, Sogou are included, the love of Shanghai hasn’t included, this is not normal. At the end of the year to do up the rankings, but has a new fast, even included didn’t make the hair ah. Figure 1:

just recently idle awful, life in the custom’s own (www.zdyrs贵族宝贝 love Shanghai weight 4) opened the two domain Forum (bbs.zdyrs贵族宝贝) and blog (yicheng.zdyrs贵族宝贝), submitted to the Shanghai love after second days are included. Then the proposal to the company in the higher the weight of the first gold network (www.dyhjw贵族宝贝 weight 4 love love Shanghai Shanghai official certification) to open a two level domain (shiyou.dyhjw贵族宝贝) test. As I expected, the second day included, and immediately rankings. In Figure 2, 3:

Figure 2


Figure 1

note: This is the website of long life custom or city / Han Puchun experience, because Shanghai Longfeng uncertainty analysis and provide methods for reference only, welcomed the exchange of content, more can visit my blog "city or city", please indicate the source, the original address: 贵族宝贝yicheng.zdyrs贵族宝贝/ Shanghai, /164.html.


reference way: if a new domain names for a long time not included, anxious words, can be used to have a certain weight of the domain name (no weight will probably not what effect) a two binding domain, submitted to love Shanghai, generally second days will be recorded, two level domain name included and can use the two level domain name, to undertake master friendly; or you really look at the two level domain. Then, after a time (at least half a month), the two level domain name to the original 301 level domain name, such as 301 to achieve results after a period of time (at least half a month). You can cancel the two level domain name.

Figure 3



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