Junk news source loving Shanghai a spearhead


then coincidentally, yesterday saw a netizen said their website page keywords in all over behind, according to his own analysis, probably because buying a lot of news source links caused by garbage. Although there is speculation, not entirely sure, after all, buy a lot of soft outside the chain of the site is still alive, but who can know him this website is not love Shanghai rectification first get shot

so how my heart began to whisper: This is to be ready to rectify the news source (or the name for the news source yourself)? You know, before many of the so-called news source, the quality of the news articles, really dare not flatter (but lately it seems many soft platform have been signs of improvement, at least one 500 words without a link integrity this article is quite rare), but love Shanghai has not clear tough measures.

really want to love Shanghai news source of these fake soft station for rectification if it is really great fun, the gun lying site estimates not tiny but adventitious quantity. Look forward to ah, hey.

and Lee in Shanghai in August 28th to see the love of their Webmaster Platform issued a news source article "love Shanghai" which contains news sources know clearly pointed out:

in fact about the garbage news source (actually soft platform) this problem, but also to observe a period of time, before we heard the medical website of Shanghai dragon love junk news source, the news source also love Shanghai words it is quite nervous, the contents are promotion of things, the text put a lot of meaningless links, so that the "news" website, you can also be a source of information, it is the slot spots.

(now news sources such soft Wen now have integrity more, before is four hundred or five hundred words is a link, or smooth unfluent)


violation of the following principles depending on the severity of the site will be subject to different degrees of punishment: reduce the search engine evaluation system, directory or site shielding to clean out the source of news, a news source shielding cleaning station. Specific principles including but not limited to the following: 2, the release of the soft, in violation of Scindapsus algorithm 2.0

the bridge side my original release, please keep the link Reprint: 贵族宝贝pmdkj贵族宝贝

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