Love Shanghai to teach you how to improve the website user experience




no love Shanghai account friends, home is still the same simple. But when you log into account after the love love Shanghai, Shanghai will automatically record you often browse web sites and web pages, music, Post Bar, space information, and automatically placed in the search box below, to facilitate future browsing.

starting from the user, let you have your own web page, but more freedom, allowing users to generate dependency is the success of Internet products. This is mostly by 360 excitation.

is a real hot box I love most, which according to the traffic data and the degree of concern, the latest news is put up, to 10.

four: let the data for your


three: focus on city life service

weather is the most concern of Internet users, we can not only see the site navigation, love Shanghai would not hesitate to add the weather forecast.

for the majority of Chinese people love Shanghai is familiar, long time, love Shanghai home style and noble baby and other search engines like, but in recent months, both algorithms or user experience in wildly beating gongs and drums to upgrade. Maybe bring the industry competition, perhaps love Shanghai for their reflection, anyway, love the upgrade of Shanghai are moving in the direction of improvement and improve service. We as a webmaster, every day complaining about how well the Shanghai dragon, how well the user experience. In fact, love Shanghai’s own products, will give us a lot of places worth learning. Today, together with all the love of Shanghai home is how to optimize the user.



two: custom site navigation


passive automatic add, as to guide the user to look at my web site, I often have to love the products of Shanghai are listed.


I want to have friends will say: what is the best habit. The search engine page has always been a simple love for Shanghai 5 links from the first, increased to 11, the bar above has been gone "". What about the blank below that? How to keep users

on the net, we have become lazy, intelligent, personalized service can automatically, is the development trend of the internet. This one features a large extent with the browser favorites function to form the competition.

look at the most original love Shanghai home page:

? one world"

improvement: put forward the concept of "

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