The enterprise website optimization most easily lead to three points of cheating


third, site outside the chain.

enterprise website first, the quality is not high. This is the most prone to many ills of enterprise website, the main reason is that many owners in order to optimize the optimization, while many enterprise products are almost the same, if the webmaster to optimize the optimization, the low quality of love to the creation of Shanghai we can often see, the most prominent feature of these articles is line type article for example, the product features a few simple description of the current account records like some companies, these characteristics and the counterparts of the article are similar, there is no novelty for users, to search engine, very easy to fall into the embarrassing situation, the author suggests high repetition, although many enterprise web content when Shanghai dragon Er do not know what to do, but I suggest we hold a point, must hold to customer service and aim for the user to consider To write articles, in the process of writing in a person or the role of experts to expand, will own the function view of every product, in the process of writing in integrate, users see is true to life characters, not stereotyped, something I feel dull as ditch water. Shanghai dragon Er should strive to pursue these things in the process of writing.

second, enterprise website user experience many of the performance of the site is not ideal. We open a lot of enterprise website is not difficult to find, a lot of pop consultation window, many site confusion of these low quality not fit to be seen, the user experience is fatal for the website optimization, because the analysis of user behavior love Shanghai algorithm upgrade has been into the new algorithm, the low quality of the user experience, resulting in the website jump out rate is too high, this is the search engine most care about the site is down right is inevitable, I always focus on the website optimization is based on the user experience, for example, we can put some customer case, message, some new media marketing such as micro-blog, placed in a prominent position. Only let the user feel comfortable, the user will buy your products will be single, consult your website, placing many of these popups, inevitably some impatience Aggressive, hinder the user’s reading experience, for the first time the user block channel value information, so the low quality of the user experience is bound to cause the loss of customers, resulting in love Shanghai for the website trust degree increased, the decline in ranking is the reason.

as everyone knows, an important direction of small and medium-sized enterprises at present network marketing is through the search engine optimization bring traffic and customers for the enterprise, the enterprise website optimization is one of the branches of the most intense competition, the author in the process of optimization of enterprise website found that most likely caused by several points of the website ranking drop, these details may be you in optimization I just noticed a little, may only know but not too much attention at the time of the operation, perhaps because of their neglect, resulting in arch-criminal website ranking drop only can, well below the author through the following aspects and to share with everyone.

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