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Hello, I am a little joke with you today to discuss the Search ask the chain problem. As we all know, the chain is the best love Shanghai know, love love Shanghai library, Shanghai encyclopedia, love Shanghai document, because this is love Shanghai’s own thing, can do related words, that you can send. Is not ah.

There is a

for now, Search ask the chain is very easy, there is no love in Shanghai know so severe, as long as you do on a link in the website related issues are generally approved. In addition to your answer contains a search banned words, or can be passed. But also bring considerable flow oh. The problem is that you answer the content of fine, there is no appeal.

Search ask the chain there is a benefit that can be directly reproduced to the QQ space, because things are universal Tencent. I recently found on A5, QQ can come up, you say, this is not a very good platform for the chain. The general thief program were collected as love Shanghai know, Sina Search ask, love asked the question and answer, answer the question and answer questions and platform. This virtually and help your site outside the chain increased double shoot two hawks with one arrow. Why not??

website promotion is actually very much, the chain there are many places, there is a word I talk about here, this is my motto Oh, to share with you, you can’t do is: No, only you can not think. Ha-ha。

so you want to do the chain that is is the best love in Shanghai know, the problem is you do not? So difficult technology do you have? If not just find another way out. Select Search ask is a good choice, but also the quality of the chain than love Shanghai knows the difference.

Search ask users do not know less than the love of Shanghai, think of how many QQ users, You’ll see. this is what the concept. Many are reproduced in the log space by Soso Ask the past, you do not believe, you can search my station, you will see many are in Search ask outside chain, then the thief acquisition program, again adding outside chain.

today to explore with you here, (贵族宝贝xiaobud贵族宝贝) a little joke Daquan, thank you leave a good chain to reprint my purpose, I see that you are a person Oh, okay, thank you for leaving the chain

Methods Oh!

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