Robin analysis of the square dance practice case in depth thinking


1, the new layout of key words

can do according to this classification? Can guide the website structure, website structure finally joined the two key words:

B, the classification of words, there are three main types:

2, "keywords and links layout

What and

we look at this square dance on the front page of the site section, remove the front analysis of the navigation column, the first page should see is from left to right is the video section, the latest update section and recommend wonderful square dance plate, second block mainly introduces the square dance knowledge, third square blocks are introduced dance and click on top, fourth pieces on the square dance dance team information, then a is the square dance information, in addition to the bottom and the bottom of the footer chain, leaving the video section. The whole section is clear and reasonable structural hierarchy.

A. modifier + square dance, such as in the old square dance, the new 2012 square dance;

Robin (Liu Huanbin), as Shanghai dragon industry and leader of the influential man, every action will cause people’s attention, from the wheat bags before serving Shanghai dragon strategy, to the rise of the BSG forum, and quickly among the home Shanghai dragon VIP, the last two Shanghai dragon training this year third training even got ZAC speaker, that everything has a whirlwind, spread in Shanghai dragon circles. Recently, the owners of the house finishing share Robin last year operation of the square dance practice case also very thorough analysis, this article from first to last a vivid lesson for us, from the new selected keywords to web page keywords and links layout, from the website to the chain of the strong support of every link to our inspiration today, according to the owners of the house in this article to talk about their own views for Shanghai dragon.

+ C. square dance dance team, such as the use of square dance, square dance and Zhou Siping

C, keywords layout to the home page content, which is divided into two blocks, one is dynamic and will update the article title, such as red box below, another is not moving, for some basic knowledge description, as part of the round box below. Here should be excavated in the keyword page set section.

+ B. square dance square dance dance, such as Jiangnan style, square dance the most unusual family name wind;

look at the link column page layout and keywords layout, the main is divided into four major sections: square dance, square dance team, square dance. "

A, the love sea phoenix nest system mining, where he collected 300 search volume is high word;

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