Shanghai green chain effect still love small and beautiful content


what kind of trouble? As mentioned above, the search engine is the meaning of existence "". The content not only refers to those news portal, boring reports. We need more small fresh active information to meet the needs of users. Perhaps a few thousand words worth a long and minute statement archive, but before a 300 word short comments are more suitable for penetrating pushed to the public users.

content.The same content is cheating!

to the resistance of this two ways, not only is the webmaster, the search engine is also facing difficulties.

: small and beautiful

, everyone in the optimization process has been emphasized. Here said the small and beautiful, we can understand from another perspective: vertical, professional, and ultimately the formation of fans of

view: love Shanghai – the chain effect is still green, content trend of small and beautiful


from the Shanghai green love algorithm has been released for some time. Because the algorithm upgrades, ranking and weights of many sites have been affected. The discussion of this algorithm is also very active in the circle.

although there are more new media, the emergence of a large number of fragmented content, it seems that the traditional role of the chain to reduce. But consider the opposite, search engine is also in the social platform to "crawl content" and according to the guidelines "grab content" link, link digging content included, not only the index without too much valuable pieces of content.

so that the role of the chain still. Scindapsus foreign chain transactions against just door chain algorithm to maximize the weakness of Mingmen, rather than blocked the road. Is to judge, rather than discard. The importance of the chain so unanimously stressed the green in, also has been emphasized on. But don’t try to reach for the love of Shanghai "Mingmen" and "attack"

> !The chain effect is still

ER and many Shanghai Longfeng webmaster of this algorithm to do the corresponding analysis. Here I Cougerenao, to express their views

never deny the role of the chain. This can start from the basic algorithm of search engine. The link is the search engine crawling content is an important index to judge the compass, the importance of the. Without the chain, the search engine can’t grab any new content, it will lose the meaning of existence of search engine. Similarly, there is no chain, for an important part of the ranking also lost a very important criterion.


used for generating content, many people take the original acquisition, or pseudo original tools. But this kind of content value is too low. The user’s choice and preference intention is very clear. With more and more channels to obtain information, for the high value of the acquisition, the user has selected the high weight website; and the use of tools to create the content of garbage has been completely abandoned.

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