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Hello, I am virtual son rain. Shortly before the 4399 mobile product manager released 4399 on some of their own experience of massive keyword optimization strategy, experience is very awesome, do not know if you have not read "4399 mobile product manager: massive keyword optimization strategy", did not see the friends can look at one, which talked about a lot of strategies for some key words our website, today I according to this article, according to their own understanding, talk about a few key words choice sentiment.

mining product manager introduction for us is to tap their own brand keywords, such as "4399" and "4399 Games" with 4399 of the number of keywords, can be used as a keyword mining, such word intention is very obvious, can bring the conversion is very high, the second is the some words, cases >

1, Shanghai dragon is to understand the source of

2, website keywords to dig the word again last words

analysis is particularly important part of Shanghai dragon in the optimization process, we can simply consider the PPC and Shanghai Longfeng optimization, as well as the promotion of some other types of sites, are used only to do keyword analysis, keyword selection, in order to obtain high quality traffic from search engines, in in this process, there are three aspects we need to do: mining, selection, layout.

The first 4399 words of clothKeywords

for many webmaster friends, the choice of keywords is a very difficult thing, because if an industry is too small, then choose the word search volume is relatively small, can choose the surface is relatively narrow, the industry is too large, the choice of wide, but popular word is not quite sure to do it, and some friends may enter the Shanghai dragon is a short time, there is no good grasp of the key words of competition, so it is more difficult to choose keywords. In addition, there is also a key factor is that, for some high value keywords can not fully grasp. If we can put these industries popular, unpopular, high value keywords segmentation, so for high value keywords, such as brand keywords, good occupation strategy, according to popular keywords, the circuitous, gradually acquiring strategy, increase website traffic constantly.

is a website for Shanghai dragon to enhance the flow of services, for the website to improve sales and service, we do in Shanghai dragon’s many friends are out of this purpose, so the optimization becomes more vague and blind. And increase website traffic needs to find the source of the flow, so that we can do for the optimization. We all know that Shanghai Longfeng traffic, mostly from the search engine keyword search, and search Chinese mostly from love Shanghai, so do the Shanghai dragon, we need to pay more attention to the search traffic is love Shanghai keywords bring, the choice of keywords is particularly important.


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