Baby love Shanghai noble force entity search direct answers



2, endangered plant


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1, the hair of dog

3, yellow flowered tree

entity search, knowledge map in terms of this year began to gradually improve the exposure rate (a baby, love Shanghai force entity search products). The noble baby recently released iOS version of the Voice Search App also showed comparable to the Siri function, also emphasized the integration of knowledge map to bring "direct answers" ability ".


from the search results can be seen, and before the movie, love Shanghai’s technical direction and noble baby different love Shanghai is mainly in the "depth", and emphasizes "breadth" noble baby. Like "hair" and "endangered" the detailed attributes of entity information extraction technology is unable to cover the traditional. But this in-depth attribute data mining, one hand thanks to the web page data, on the other hand also limited to Internet data in a lot of noise influence, is a technical difficulty and benefits are relatively large in the direction of. From the current results, performance data dig out these attributes in terms of quality is good, such as "off the hair of the dog" results, in addition to the more common Schnauzer is not easy to drop off the hair of the dog outside, even to cover "crested". If under the premise of ensuring the quality of the data under the coverage area can be.

compared to the bottom of the Siri entity attributes, such as the relationship of knowledge and data strongly depends on cooperation between the WolframAlpha, by virtue of self knowledge nobility baby mapping project investment height is more likely to be endowed with higher expectations, the search engine company in the acquisition of data and knowledge extraction data and technical advantage is self-evident. For Chinese market, industry investment in this area is not obvious. In addition to LBS related information, Siri is also a lack of strong partners in the Chinese market. In the "noble baby, love Shanghai force entity search" in the article, we observed some love Shanghai put some signs, such as: the construction of entity data like inception film. Also made some bold prediction: love is Shanghai entity search field quietly force, while taking a different entity relationship deep and noble baby technology. Recently indeed observed love Shanghai will gradually experiment in this field in the expanded part verify the conjecture. For the emerging company interested in the construction of entity library, ontology information and semantic web applications, may follow also facing greater competition.

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