Farewell to Shanghai to use the soft website optimization Dragon



2, with reasonable site name. Whether you are in what form the subject of, are reasonable with the name of the site, deep into hard and make a lot of users dislike, it is best to write articles relevant to our website topic, such as your website or product name appears in the article, the user might go to search.

, the use of free soft Wen promotion website

soft promotion website is essentially what we mean by advertising, the promotion of our products or website. Just the manifestation of no advertising exposure, good soft Wen is the use of soft Wen promotion website a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance, need to pay attention to several points:

1, the eye-catching title. Often focus on the A5 forum friends will find high title click rate is how, the title is not good no matter the quality is good, no one knows, Chinese love, love with the ride, so kantie, a post if there is a high hit rate, that is likely to be attracted to in.

Two, the use of two charges

soft for every Shanghai dragon Er very familiar with, A5 and Chinaz are many webmaster released soft land, published an article, good quality by many websites reproduced, for the website and a lot of the chain; since it is a farewell to Shanghai dragon, said today that the chain with the soft can Never mind, at this stage the soft type is mainly divided into two categories, one is free is soft, soft Wen:

as a soft play what kind of effect, the key will have to see how deep your soft skills, writing is not good enough, the natural effect is not ideal.

recently love Shanghai algorithm and made some adjustments, the content is not high quality website are subject to different degrees of punishment. DoNews also cancelled news source, owners often concern "Shanghai dragon" the keywords ranking have different changes, the Zac blog has become a natural leader in the ranking, these days the keyword ranking fluctuation, once again test the webmaster heartbeat, seems only by Shanghai dragon to maintain ranking is how not easy; some time ago have wrote several articles of promotion website article: farewell Shanghai dragon optimization by bid farewell to Shanghai dragon website optimization promotion, Forum promotion website, blog by using optimal bid farewell to Shanghai Longfeng quiz website promotion, today to bring you the topic is the use of soft Wen promotion website.



3, issued to the relevant web site or plate. According to the release of the soft, by transforming the user’s browsing and products may be much higher, and each site is also required, no related posts will be deleted or transferred, it is best to find some soft release platform to browse the forum or website high strong correlation, such as Tianya mop贵族宝贝 these sites.

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